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Businesses Partner to lead Downtown Vitality

Category: Life in Downtown

The Tag Line for Livermore Downtown Inc. is “Where Brilliance Thrives”.  What comes to mind when we say that?  SO many things!  

1)    We are home to 2 National Labs with some of the most Brilliant Minds on the planet involved in the research and development of Renewable Energy, National Security and Medical Advancement.   
2)    We have Brilliant agricultural families, developing and advancing sustainable farming and ranching and preserving open space.  
3)    Livermore is home to the longest running light bulb, still Brilliantly shining after over 120 years!
4)    Livermore has a collection of Brilliant artists, performers and talent that share their gifts through public art, boutique shop wares and unique performances.  
5)    Throughout the Livermore Valley, you will find exceptional culinary experiences highlighting Global inspirations and local enhancements.  All of this comes together through our Brilliant Chefs!
6)    Brilliant adventures abound for the outdoor and indoor fitness enthusiast. 
7)    Our Brilliant local Shop Owners seek out specialty and one-of-a-kind items to add to your fashion, jewelry, art and home décor collections.  They provide excellence in product knowledge and personal service to continue attracting the savviest of shoppers. 
8)    Residents have made the Brilliant choice to raise their families in the Livermore Valley due to its exceptional quality of life!

Downtown is the heart of the community.  It is a shared neighborhood for all Livermore residents.  It is also the place for our visitors to get totally immersed into the stories of our past and the amazing hospitality and arts of our present.  The best of shopping, dining, entertainment and business services, in the Livermore Valley partner with Livermore Downtown Inc. in our efforts to building and sustaining a vital and healthy downtown district.  

As you look through our website business listings, you will see our brilliance logo, highlighting the Partners in Downtown Revitalization Excellence.  The businesses you see with that icon are those businesses that are committed to community vitality and support.  They are supporting our Non-Profit Association efforts and for  that we are truly Thankful!   We hope that you will take the time to visit them and experience the Brilliance!  That would be a Brilliant choice on your part!

Rachael Snedecor
Executive Director